Business Questionnaire

This questionnaire is used for determining the ‘why’ behind everything in your business. As simple as these questions may be, they might need some time to have a real think about your answers.

These answers will be used to determine the direction of your branding - the language, imagery and graphic styles and more.

Please take time to really answer these questions, as it’s what will run with your brand for the next one, two and ten years or more.

If at all you have any questions during the process, feel free to email, or give me a call during business hours to discuss your thoughts. If you’d like to arrange a meeting to strategise this, then we can do so to.

A simple statement that sums up your core purpose, usually relatively emotional in tone, and often simplified to just a few headline words.
These are usually descriptive, nuts and bolts, functional, ‘doing’ and ‘process’ statements.
This helps to ‘position’ a brand a way, in customers’ minds, from what others offer, and to enhance any unique properties.
The key audiences/customers for the product, service or organisation (linked to this are the ‘messages’ that fit with each audience.)
The core beliefs and universal truths that are shared...which in turn, affect how a brand, it’s founders, directors and employees behave.
How we express ourselves to the outside world, our brand’s character, the tone of voice we use and how we communicate.
The long-term aim - either linked to legacy ‘mission/vision’ statements or written afresh.