Wisdom Wednesdays #3

Paul Rand, another of America’s greatest designers best known for his corporate logo designs, including IBM, UPS, Westinghouse, ABC & NeXT. One of my design heroes!

‼️ So what is this about design being the silent ambassador of your brand? Take a moment and think about Coca Cola. Whenever you see a bottle or can that’s red with a swish you assume it’s Coca Cola. If you see a billboard that’s got a swish on it, you know it’s Coca Cola. Even without it’s logo you still know that it’s Coca Cola. This is even the case for David Jones (Australia). You see the houndstooth pattern on a bag you think David Jones. You can even see the houndstooth pattern on a dress and you will think David Jones, even though it may not necessarily be David Jones. 

Why is this the case? When a brand identity is executed well, it’s not just the logo that should be the identifier of the brand, but also the way the design is rolled out across all mediums that should represent your brand. It is a ‘silent ambassador’ because it’s not saying the brand name, but it still points to the fact it is Coca Cola or David Jones. This is and has been for decades the pinnacle of brand success. I believe the key to achieving this is to have a consistent brand guideline where everything you do is STRENGTHENED by it. Consistency isn’t boring, it’s strength.

Think about your brand for a moment 🤔 , Does my brand have a brand identity style where even without the logo it still speaks my brand❓Is your brand design consistent ❓

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