Cubed Technologies

Logo Design & Graphic Design

About the Client

Cubed Tech is an Electrical, Communications and Audio Visual business located in Perth, Western Australia. They specialise in commercial electrical, communications and AV solutions. Cubed Tech have done work for some of Australia’s Airports, small businesses, conference setups and school & church auditoriums.

About the Project

As a fresh start-up business, founder Curtis needed a brand identity. The client requested a name that represented himself, whilst not using his first name in the business name. During the discovery phase, a great idea was discovered. The client’s name consists of three C’s. Three C’s → C3 = Cubed. The other requirements were that the brand needed to be versatile, and able to cater for the broad range of target audiences while remaining vibrant and modern. The main brand colour of Cubed is an electric orange, which represents fun, energetic and vibrancy.

Building Authentic Brands

Perth, Western Australia