Project Details:
Branding - Graphic Design

About the client:
Scott Comms is a small telecommunications business based in Perth, Western Australia. They pride themselves on being a tight knit team who believe in delivering their best to their contractors and clients. Scott Comms have experience and are qualified to do Lead-in Installations, Customer Installations, Fibre splicing, Civil Works, Rod Rope & Haul, Address Validation & Network Validations. So anything related to the current NBN rollout in Australia.

About the project:
As a fresh business, Scott Comms needed an identity to put with their name when looking for work, but also for when they're out and about to increase visibility of their brand. The logo needed to reflect what they do as a brand, so keywords like 'telecommunications', 'fibre' and 'lead-in installs' were the focus of the design aspect of the logo. This is where you get the node design from (the termination points at either end of the lines in the 'S' & 'C'.