Project Details:
Brand Identity - Graphic Design - Website Design

About the client:
Sing2Music is a premier supplier of acoustic performance music to the singing community. Their piano & guitar tracks are professionally crafted and used for cover songs, performances, and auditions (for shows like x-factor).

About the project:
Brand Identity that emphasises the simplicity of music.
A brand identity refresh for sing2music and its child groups, sing2piano & sing2guitar had the sole end goal of tying in all three groups under one brand identity. One of the objectives when refreshing the brand was to reflect what the company creates, which is create high-quality piano and acoustic guitar backing tracks of the biggest hit songs. Songs are a composure of sound. When music (sound) is played, it creates sound waves - and this is where the concept of the logo originated and was developed into the final design. 

The logo, which consists of a common element, the sound wave. Despite it being slightly un-natural in shape, it is a deliberate strategy as it forms an S. The structure of the logo always starts off with the logo-mark followed by 'sing2' and then follows with the relevant brand in bold. This provides a consistency for the whole brand.